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The entryway is a significant space within a home — it’s the first thing a potential buyer sees, and it sets the stage for the whole vibe of the home. Buyers can form opinions on a home within seconds of opening that front door. Your clients can make a few simple changes to their entryways to make that important first impression. Here are some hot trends for 2017.

Make the front door a focal point.

The door is the first thing visitors focus on at any home’s entryway, so make it impactful. Whether you advise your clients to paint it a bold color or add gorgeous greenery via a seasonal wreath, they can complement the home’s style and make a statement within a reasonable budget.

1) Invest in stylish but functional furniture.

2) Add art to the space.

3) Illuminate the entryway with bold lighting.

4) Make a statement with striking wallpaper.


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