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Beatriz Bofill


“Tim was a congenial and attentive realtor. He was always very calm when we spoke on the phone which made me feel at ease.

We purchased a condo from a distance with some help from my son who is attending FSU. Tim is very responsive and knowledgeable about navigating the Tallahassee real estate system. At one point in our dealings there was an incident of miscommunication, but Tim was very open when I expressed a concern and immediately responded.

He went above and beyond in his efforts to help with the purchase of the condo and really impressed me with how he handled work being done on the condo and resolving any issues. Any concerns that I had were completely removed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to a friend if they were looking to buy or sell property in Tallahassee!”

Jimmy Schafer


“My wife and I met with Tim as we were new to Tallahassee looking for a home. Tim told us, “I’ll talk you out of more houses than I’ll talk you into” This turned out to be 100% accurate and elevated our trust and respect for Tim as we navigated through the home buying experience.

Tim has a way of simplifying the process through his network of lenders, contractors, and overall knowledge of the Tallahassee market. We enjoyed our experience with Tim so much that we decided to work with him again a few months later when purchasing a rental property.

We’ll continue to work with him and highly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home.”

Michael Murtha


“Tim’s patience is only matched by his appreciation that no two clients are the same. Our family moved to Tallahassee in 2007, and because of the volitale market, chose to rent rather than purchase immediately.

When it came time to start our search, we couldn’t have been in better hands – Tim talked to us about our expectations, limitations and what we hoped to find and purchase. Tim didn’t just throw properties at us – each selection was tailored and we took each one under serious consideration.

The search was short-lived, as it wasn’t long before he showed us the house we would eventually make our home; we knew it from the moment we walked in. Tim knew it too.
Throughout the negotiations, Tim was often called upon to carry the load for both sides of the table and his attention to detail ensured that each deficiency was caught during every walk through. By the time he was through, every issue was on the punch-list and subsequently satisfied.

All of these factors are critical when selecting a Realtor; in the end however, folks want to know what kind of deal Tim was able to get for our family – Tim found and sold us a house we absolutely love with everything we asked for (1 acre plus, spacious, gated community, etc.) for at least 1/3rd of what I ever though would have been possible. That professional relationship continues, as we always check Tim’s webpage for recommended home service businesses to hire in Tallahassee.

On a personal level, Tim and his wife Debbie have raised a wonderful family; it is clear that Tim cares about his family, his friends and his community. We were blessed to call him a Realtor, and most importantly, a friend.”

Tish Van Buskirk


“If you are buying or selling a home, I would highly recommend Tim Kelly. Tim sold me my first home back in 2012. To say he went above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement! My situation seemed impossible. I needed a place quickly, had very little cash to put down, and had not-so-perfect credit.

Tim took me under his wing, hooked me up with an amazing mortgage broker (who was able to pre-qualify me), then took me to several listings in my price range. He welcomed me into his home like I was a long-lost family member, and his entire family made me forget all my woes for that one evening. When I decided on a home, he worked with the seller to get them to rent it to me until closing. He was always available to answer my newbie buyer questions, of which there were many!

I will never forget Tim for all he’s done for me, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to refer anyone to him, as I have several times already!”

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