Inventory in the real estate market has reached historic lows, especially here in Tallahassee. That means if you are on the fence of selling your house, it is a great idea to look into your options as now could very well be the best time for you to sell your house since you’ve owned it. But timing is only part of the equation. If you do not have a realtor that knows the market

When selling a house, the key to selling it fast is pricing it right! Buyers these days are savvy and they are not going to be scared by the cry, “inventory is low!” They and their Realtors will do the research and make sure they will not overpay for a home. In addition, appraisers are not alarmed by low inventory either. They will base their opinions off of facts and figures, not the thunder of impatient home buyers trying to find their dream home before the price goes up.

The moral of the story is yes, inventory is low and that helps the seller tremendously, but the key is to make sure you price it well. At the end of the day, buyers will still only pay what they feel a home is worth to them, and although that evaluation process may include the amount of inventory available, and that is why you need a Realtor who knows how to price your house correctly.

My listings sell at an average of 97% of their original listing price while the MLS average is around 95%.

Interested in seeing what your options are in this market? Contact me today and let’s talk!

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