There are some homeowners that have been waiting for months to get a price they hoped for when they originally listed their house for sale. The thing they might want to consider is… If it hasn’t sold yet, it may not be priced properly.

It’s hard for some sellers to realize that you must set a COMPELLING and INTRIGUING price for your home in order to sell it quickly. If your house isn’t priced to sell, consider this: $10,000 can seem like a huge concession when negotiating the sales price on your home, and while that is understandable there are other variables to consider. For instance, if your mortgage payment is $1,600 per month, and it takes 6 months to sell, you may have already spent $10,000. And don’t forget the additional costs of utilities and upkeep. Even on a smaller scale, if you put your home up for sale and get an offer in the first few weeks it can take from 30 to 45 days to even close on the home. That means you have made 2 mortgage payments totaling $3,000.

I know the market as well as anyone in town. I can help you find the price to sell your home quickly.

13,808 houses were sold yesterday, 13,808 will sell today and 13,808 will sell tomorrow.

13,808. That is the average number of homes that sell each and every day in this country according to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) latest Existing Home Sales Report. NAR reported that sales are at an annual rate of 5.04 million. Divide that number by 365 (days in a year) and we can see that, on average, over 13,800 homes sell every day. The report from NAR also revealed that there is currently only a 4.4 months supply of inventory available for sale, (6 months inventory is considered ‘historically normal’). That means less competition for buyers who are out in the market now, but more houses will hit the market soon with spring right around the corner.

Bottom line is, we realize that you want to get the fair market value for your home. However, if it hasn’t sold in today’s active real estate market, perhaps you should reconsider your current asking price.

Don’t waste your time, call me today and let’s get started.

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